Why Does God Allow Suffering? (10.41 Mb)
Natural Disasters. Is God In Control? (12.42 Mb)
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The Challenge of Jesus' Teaching (4.54 Mb)
God's DNA (5.38 Mb)
Daniel's Message for Today (6.77 Mb)
Looking Unto Jesus (7.93 Mb)
Britain in the Bible (8.95 Mb)
The City of New Jerusalem (8.43 Mb)
Why it Makes Sense to Read the Bible (9.05 Mb)
Standing Out From the Crowd (10.69 Mb)
The Gospel Message in 7 Easy Steps (4.54 Mb)
Jesus is Coming Back (8.23 Mb)
Russia's Role in Bible Prophecy (6.04 Mb)
Do We Need God? (9.29 Mb)
Did Jesus Rise from the Dead (10.90 Mb)
The Christian and Politics (6.23 Mb)
Does the Bible Contain Hidden Codes (7.14 Mb)
Why Should I Forgive (10.00 Mb)
The Importance of Genesis (9.00 Mb)
Where is God Today? (8.04 Mb)
Christ Will Return Soon (10.69 Mb)
Christ Will Return Soon HANDOUT
Crisis in the Middle East (10.92 Mb)
Jesus - Three Parables For Our Time (6.80 Mb)
The Origin of Life (9.31 Mb)
What's Special About Jerusalem (8.27 Mb)
What Jesus Said About the End of the World (9.29 Mb)
The Bible, Jesus the Saviour and You (8.57 Mb)
New Beginnings (8.92 Mb)
The Bible Explains the Conflict Between Good and Evil (8.64 Mb)
Fulfilled Prophecy Shows the Bible is True (11.15 Mb)
Fighting for God (9.36 Mb)
Thinking About Careers with the Bible in Mind (11.18 Mb)
The Bible Answer to Human Tragedy (7.24 Mb)
New Life in the Lord Jesus (8.43 Mb)
Dealing With Worry - What the Bible Says (7.65 Mb)
God's Law Ahead of It's Time - You Decide (8.25 Mb)
Does God Control Human Life? (7.79 Mb)
Secrets from the Foundation of the World (8.31 Mb)
History and the Resurrection (8.75 Mb)
For the Love of Money is the Route of all Evil (7.88 Mb)
The Greatest Show on Earth (7.36 Mb)
Why We Don't Have Spirit Gifts Today (9.21 Mb)
Why Did Jesus Have To Die? (10.11 Mb)
The Paradise of God (7.76 Mb)
God Helps Us With Our Troubles (8.07 Mb)
Should We Bother To Look For Peace In The World? (7.17 Mb)
Bible Advice About Family Life (8.65 Mb)
One Bible Many Churches - Why? (8.04 Mb)
Basing Your Life On God - Lessons From the Boy King (7.58 Mb)
Internal Evidence for Bible Truth (7.40 Mb)
The Problem of Suffering (8.58 Mb)
Does the Bible Teach the Trinity? (8.54 Mb)
History Proves the Bible True (7.20 Mb)
An Unknown God (8.05 Mb)
Man's Way or God's Way - Which Way are You On? (8.44 Mb)
Watch the Middle East (7.06 Mb)
Israel the People of God (5.01 Mb)
Forgiveness (7.30 Mb)
Christ and the Resurrection (8.28 Mb)
Through the British Museum with the Bible in Hand (11.30 Mb)
The Bible and Syria (10.26 Mb)
Christ is Coming Back to the Earth (9.42 Mb)
The Jews, God's Witnesses (7.52 Mb)
The Work of the Holy Spirit (7.93 Mb)
The Bible and the Papacy (9.13 Mb)
The Bible and Science (9.95 Mb)
You Can Believe in the Bible (10.07 Mb)
Who Do You Think He Is? (11.53 Mb)
2012 - What Has God Done in the Last 12 Months (9.00 Mb)
Life in the Kingdom of God (11.66 Mb)
Lessons from the Garden of Eden (10.67 Mb)
The Kingdom of God on Earth (8.04 Mb)
Jerusalem City of Truth (9.67 Mb)
The Nation of Israel in the Plan of God (8.36 Mb)
Did Jesus have an independent will (8.53 Mb)
Does God Deny Human Rights? (10.01 Mb)
The Nation of Egypt and the God of the Bible (10.37 Mb)
The Purpose and True Meaning of Life (9.38 Mb)
An Appeal Reason Regarding a Modern Miracle (8.46 Mb)
What Do You Want Out Of Life (9.82 Mb)
What God is Really Like (10.18 Mb)
Investigating Satan (9.50 Mb)
Resurrection, a Wonderful Hope (9.93 Mb)
The Bible a Book Ahead of its Time (7.73 Mb)
Do You Believe Your Horoscope? (8.65 Mb)
The Bible in the News (8.37 Mb)
World Problems, Does the Bible Offer Hope (8.49 Mb)
The Meaning of the Last Supper (7.09 Mb)
Christianity - What's in it for me? (8.13 Mb)
Why Did Jesus Have to Die? (8.14 Mb)
Hard Sayings of Jesus (8.02 Mb)
The Jews In the Purpose of God (8.09 Mb)
World Peace - The Bible has the Answer (6.20 Mb)
Will You Answer the Call (7.99 Mb)
What Do Sin and I Have in Common? (10.69 Mb)
Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering? (7.71 Mb)
What's in a Name (12.27 Mb)
Can We Really Dispense With God? (7.75 Mb)
The Future's Bright (6.56 Mb)
Are We Deceived By Evolution? (10.22 Mb)
Why Did Jesus Have to Die? (6.11 Mb)
What Do Angels Do? (7.66 Mb)
What is the world coming to? (10.65 Mb)
Has science diproved the Bible? (8.59 Mb)
Why should I believe in a God I cannot see? (6.84 Mb)
Do Miracles Still Happen? (6.94 Mb)
The First Steps in Faith (9.76 Mb)
The Economics of the Future (11.58 Mb)
Christian Fellowship with God and the Lord Jesus Christ (9.79 Mb)
The True Meaning of the Birth of Jesus (8.05 Mb)
A Christian and Politics (7.91 Mb)
A World in Crisis, The Bible Has the Answer (10.42 Mb)
The Bible, Our Response (7.17 Mb)
The Return of Christ and the Kingdom of God (7.35 Mb)
Human Nature, Good or Bad (7.56 Mb)
What Happens When We Die? (7.40 Mb)
Treasures of the Snow (10.30 Mb)
The Gospel in the Psalms (9.28 Mb)
Watch the Middle East (9.94 Mb)
Jerusalem, Capital of the World (9.64 Mb)
Surprising Bible Prophecies Being Fulfilled in Surprising Ways (8.79 Mb)
History Proves the Bible True (9.08 Mb)


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Focusing on the Bible (6.92 Mb)
The Devil You Know (11.30 Mb)
Events in the 20th Century Show God's Hand at Work (7.86 Mb)
What Must I Do To Be Saved? (9.19 Mb)
The Bible a Guide Book for Life (7.54 Mb)
Where Do We Go From Here? (8.02 Mb)
Saints of the Bible or the Church (8.05 Mb)
Bible Teaching About the Devil (8.61 Mb)
God's Promise to You (7.83 Mb)
Does God Exist? (7.92 Mb)
Will What You Do Today Matter In 100years? (7.83 Mb)
Jesus, Who He Was and What He Did (7.04 Mb)
Today's News in the Bible (10.50 Mb)
Bible Teaching About Marriage (9.40 Mb)
Why Believe in the God of Today? (10.36 Mb)
Lessons from Noah (7.40 Mb)
God's Coming Kingdom (9.17 Mb)
Tomorrow's Headlines in the Bible Today (8.51 Mb)
One Bible Many Churches, Does it Matter? (7.67 Mb)
The Bible is the Inspired Word of God (9.95 Mb)
The Christian and Conscience (8.68 Mb)
God's Plan (9.07 Mb)
Time for Peace (7.20 Mb)
Time for Peace - Powerpoint (5.10 Mb)
Your Invitation to the Wedding (9.46 Mb)
Whatever is Happening in the World! (7.59 Mb)
Amazing Things Foretold in the Bible (8.32 Mb)
In the Beginning, God Created (12.12 Mb)
The Secret of Eternal Life Revealed (10.98 Mb)
My Three Reasons for Believing (7.19 Mb)
Why Did Jesus Perform Miracles? (9.64 Mb)
Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? (10.96 Mb)
Jesus, The Only Way To Salvation (7.42 Mb)
Jerusalem the Future Capital of the World (5.67 Mb)
Bible Prophecy says Jerusalem will be the Future Capital of the World (6.82 Mb)
The Future of Jerusalem (9.19 Mb)
A Glimpse of Immortality (11.31 Mb)
Why is Israel always in the News? (11.58 Mb)
What Must I Do To Be Saved (8.41 Mb)
Israel Fulfills Bible Prophecy (8.58 Mb)
Hell, the Silent Grave (9.24 Mb)
Israel Fulfills Bible Prophecy - Powerpoint (121.5 K)
Jerusalem, It's History and Destiny (9.00 Mb)
Why Do All Religions Not Say the Same Thing? Part1 (9.81 Mb)
The Bible Explains Suffering (7.63 Mb)
The Bible and Astronomy (7.57 Mb)
Today's World News Fortold in the Bible (5.46 Mb)
Bible Teaching on Resurrection and Judgement (8.03 Mb)
The Middle East, God's Solution (9.41 Mb)
Visions of the Kingdom (9.34 Mb)
Our World, God's Kingdom (4.91 Mb)
What Do You Want Out of Life? (10.54 Mb)
Visions of the Kingdom Powerpoint (1.35 Mb)
Do Not Forget (7.58 Mb)
Nations of the Bible - Turkey (9.03 Mb)
God Has No Plan B (6.59 Mb)
Jesus is Coming are You Ready? (7.40 Mb)
The Angels of God (6.58 Mb)
The Devil Inside (11.68 Mb)
The Way of Salvation (8.09 Mb)
The Gospel in the Parables (8.39 Mb)
World Conflict , Where will it end (8.15 Mb)
You Are What You Eat (9.06 Mb)
Questions Science Cannot Answer (8.60 Mb)
The Gospel According to Noah (12.19 Mb)
Why Does God Allow Suffering (10.52 Mb)
A Time for Peace (7.34 Mb)
How a Christian Should Live (11.69 Mb)
God's Inspired Word (8.08 Mb)
The Importance of Baptism (8.61 Mb)
Looking Forward to the Kingdom of God (8.84 Mb)
Why Have Jesus in Your Life? (7.12 Mb)
Coming Out Of The Cycle Of Life (10.30 Mb)
Was Jesus Alive Before His Birth? (8.31 Mb)
God's Plan in Christ (8.89 Mb)
Russia, Israel, Jesus and You (10.58 Mb)
Has Science Disproved the Bible (8.94 Mb)
Is there more to life than this? (8.03 Mb)
What is the World Coming To? (6.52 Mb)
Why Should I Believe in a God I Cannot See? (6.30 Mb)
Bible Teaching about the Holy Spirit (9.19 Mb)
Jesus Christ the Leader the World Needs (10.00 Mb)
The Greatest Event of History About to Happen (10.04 Mb)
Following Jesus (7.76 Mb)
Paul's First Journey (9.07 Mb)
Was Peter the First Bishop of Rome? The Bible has the Answer (9.03 Mb)
One Bible Many Churches - Does it Matter (8.88 Mb)
Bible Teaching on the Soul (7.44 Mb)
Is Personal Peace Possible? (10.14 Mb)
Jesus Did Not Pre-exist (9.70 Mb)
The Easter Conspiracy (9.12 Mb)
The Bible a Book Worth Reading (7.56 Mb)
Israel in Bible Prophecy (9.93 Mb)
Peace, One Day (8.97 Mb)
The Power of God (7.62 Mb)
Are Jesus and God One and the Same? (7.97 Mb)
Living in God's Kingdom on Earth (9.94 Mb)
Bible Prophecy for Our Time (8.46 Mb)
Are the Dead Sea Scrolls Fake? (8.22 Mb)
Why Jesus Came (8.35 Mb)
Shakespeare and His Bible (12.41 Mb)
jesus Rose From The Dead, So Can You (7.56 Mb)
Jesus Can Save Sinners Like Us (11.42 Mb)
What is the World Coming to? (9.50 Mb)
Egypt, from the Pharoahs to the Kingdom (9.30 Mb)
The Sea and the Wave Roaring (7.11 Mb)
World Events, is God There? (12.38 Mb)
Egypt, from the Pharoahs to the Kingdom (summary) (72.75 K)
The Importance of Baptism for Salvation (7.26 Mb)
What God's Kingdom Will be Like (6.93 Mb)
Does Man Have an Immortal Soul? (6.15 Mb)
Why Do All Religions Not Say the Same Thing? Part2 (10.60 Mb)
Egypt in Bible Prophecy (9.10 Mb)
Should Christians Vote? (9.92 Mb)
Russia and the Middle East (10.69 Mb)
Marriage, God's Message from Eden (8.79 Mb)
Why is it so difficult to believe in something we can't see? (6.42 Mb)
The Bible, Fact or Fiction (10.95 Mb)
Is Religion the Problem? (10.77 Mb)
Jesus Christ the Light of the World (7.48 Mb)
Blessings of an Immigrant (9.66 Mb)
Prophecy Fulfilled, where are we now and what lies ahead? (10.96 Mb)
Early Christian Persecution (8.81 Mb)
Where is the Promise of His Coming? (7.98 Mb)
Why Bible Prophecy Matters to You (8.64 Mb)
Jesus Christ Will Return to this Earth (8.76 Mb)
Timelines (8.48 Mb)
Timelines (Powerpoint) (2.64 Mb)
Timelines (Keynote for Mac) (3.62 Mb)
God Requires Obedience (7.71 Mb)
Lift up your heads (11.03 Mb)
Where is the World Heading? (7.49 Mb)
Six Days of Six Million Years, Does it Matter? (11.61 Mb)
What must I do to be saved? (6.66 Mb)
Jerusalem City of Peace - When? (8.07 Mb)
Wars and Rumours of Wars (9.78 Mb)
Government Without Opposition (10.13 Mb)
Walk in the Light (9.03 Mb)
The Coming World Ruler (8.36 Mb)
Evolution Challenged by the Bible (7.90 Mb)
The Christian and Politics (7.58 Mb)
What are you waiting for? (7.54 Mb)
Hope in a Hopeless World (7.88 Mb)
How the Bible came to us (9.33 Mb)
The Age of Righteousness Revealed (8.46 Mb)
What Will Jesus Do When He Returns? (6.29 Mb)
The Bible and the Trinity (11.34 Mb)
The Bible Challenges the Humanist (8.13 Mb)
The Rise of Russia, a Biblical Perspective (10.34 Mb)
Israel, God's Witnesses (10.16 Mb)
The Bible and the Trinity - Powerpoint (543 K)
The Kingdom of God (4.81 Mb)
The Trinity, a False Doctrine (10.15 Mb)
The Belief of the First Century Christians (8.83 Mb)
Great and Precious Promises (10.43 Mb)
Tomorrow's World (8.73 Mb)
Precious Discoveries - Archaeology and the Bible (10.98 Mb)
God Keeps His Promises (8.29 Mb)
The Call of the Gospel (7.38 Mb)
Baptism - A Fresh Start (7.21 Mb)
What the Bible Says About Happiness (7.16 Mb)
The Conflict Between Jesus and the Devil (9.69 Mb)
Thy Kingdom Come, A Prayer That Will Be Answered (6.17 Mb)
What the Bible says about YOU (9.65 Mb)
Who are the Christadelphians? (8.88 Mb)
For unto us a child is born (6.73 Mb)
World Peace is a Reality (9.29 Mb)
A King That Will Reign For Ever (7.95 Mb)
God's Promises to David are Relevent Today (7.83 Mb)
Bible Principles on Marriage (8.31 Mb)
Today's Headlines Predicted in the Bible (10.61 Mb)
The Bible and History (8.89 Mb)
Men's Hearts Failing Them For Fear (8.10 Mb)
What's the Solution to Jerusalem (7.60 Mb)
Justification by Faith (7.31 Mb)
The Dead Sea Scolls - What Do They Proove? (9.55 Mb)
Europe's Untold Legacy (10.24 Mb)
Europe's Untold Legacy Powerpoint (22.92 Mb)
Europe's Untold Legacy Keynote (27.95 Mb)
Baptism - is it necessary? (8.54 Mb)
The Meaning of Repentance (9.04 Mb)
Why does God allow suffering (7.50 Mb)
Except you repent (10.46 Mb)
The Day of the Lord (7.65 Mb)
The Day of the Lord Powerpoint (3.49 Mb)
The Day of the Lord Keynote (2.62 Mb)
The Reformation and You (8.34 Mb)
Life or Death it's your choice (8.15 Mb)
The Power of Forgiveness (6.88 Mb)
New Life, Clean Slate (8.47 Mb)
God's People, God's Land (8.56 Mb)
Jesus and Today's Society (7.09 Mb)
In my Father's house are many mansions (10.21 Mb)
The Coming Kingdom of God (8.56 Mb)
How God Controls World Events (5.93 Mb)
Britain in Bible Prophecy (11.14 Mb)
The Post-Truth Era (8.27 Mb)
What the Bible says about the Holy Spirit (6.54 Mb)
Jesus and the Olivet Prophecy (8.43 Mb)
What the Bible says about prayer (8.49 Mb)
Jerusalem City of the Great King (9.59 Mb)
Sign's of Christ's Return to the Earth (10.99 Mb)
The Earth OUR Inheritance (7.95 Mb)
Jesus Christ, Son of God NOT God the Son (10.01 Mb)
Will God Allow Me To Begin Again? (7.67 Mb)
The Gospel Message (7.55 Mb)
Brexit - A Bible Perspective (10.88 Mb)
Brexit - Powerpoint (8.36 Mb)
Brexit - Keynote (12.10 Mb)
The Gospel Jesus Preached (7.87 Mb)